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Top 10 unique hotels

Select from the best luxury hotels on an island to cheap hotel prison deals.

When it comes to vacationing, the hotel itself can be as much a part of the vacation as the destination. Before you make hotel reservations at some luxury hotel, think of all the options out there. From a tree house to an ice house, here are some of the most unique hotels from all over the world.

Top 10 unique hotels

Top 10 unique hotels

Kamala me Cay: Your own private island
The Bahamas

Do you have Robinson Crusoe dreams of living on your own private island? Well, Kamala me Cay offers a private island getaway with Robinson Crusoe adventures and all the luxuries of a four star hotel. This 96-acre soft sandy island is located right off of Andros Bay in the Bahamas and can only be reached by the resort’s private ferry or seaplane. Dotted with private villas, guests can enjoy Caribbean cuisine, some of the best snorkeling and fishing along the island’s pristine beaches and can go for a dip in the freshwater pool located on the island. Kamala me Cay feeds the need for adventure while offering romance, luxury hotel accommodations and natural beauty.

Utter Inn: Sleep with the fishes
Vasteras, Sweden

The Utter Inn, or the Otter Inn in English, is a small, floating Swedish red house with an underwater bedroom fitted with panoramic windows, so you can literally sleep with the fishes. The inn is an art project by Mikael Enberg who has done several other artistic hotels like the Hotel Hackett or Woodpecker Hotel, which is a tree house, located over 40 feet above a Swedish park. Just hope you don’t get claustrophobic, because you get dropped off by boat and don’t get picked up again until morning.

The Jail Backpackers: A taste of the Big House at a small price
Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia

built in 1864, this renovated jail now serves as a hostel for backpackers and travelers alike. Located in Mount Gambier, South Australia, the Jail Backpackers gives tourists a chance to spend the night or the weekend in the slammer for budget prices, $45 for a double room, $20 for a dorm room. Don’t worry though; you’re not locked down at night. This cheap hotel option offers a kitchen, TV lounge, pool tables, quiet lounge with a fireplace, walled garden spaces and a restaurant. The Mount Gambier area offers many outdoor activities, most well-known is Blue lake, which is a lake located in a volcano. There are plenty of hiking trails, cave tours and sand boarding opportunities.

The Queen Mary: Don’t jump ship on this haunted boat
Long Beach hotels
Queen Mary Hotel Reviews

if staying the night in a prison isn’t creepy enough, try spending the night in a haunted hotel/boat, the Queen Mary. This ocean liner and World War II troopship has a haunted history. One of the most haunted areas on the boat is the no longer used First-Class Swimming Pool. Women in vintage swimsuits have been seen wandering around and wet footprints have been found mysteriously leading from the deck to the changing rooms. The boat/luxury hotel offers more than hauntings, but historic tours, multiple world-class dining options, cabaret shows, a comedy club, spas and suites as well. For $459 you can spend the night in one of the haunted staterooms, but are you brave enough?

Parrot Nest Lodge: In a tree under the stars
Kayo, Belize

staying the night here won’t be as creepy as the Queen Mary, unless you are afraid of heights and birds. The Parrot Nest Lodge consists of two thatched tree houses, four cabins and two bathhouses and is surrounded on three sides by the Mopan River, which offers a refreshing swim. As its name suggests there are large numbers of parrots, as well as hundreds of other birds, creation this a prime bird-watching terminus. Huge iguanas are also another welcoming garden caller. Breakfast and dinner are also comprised with your tree house room for only $40-50 a night room rental, making this a cheap hotel with resort makings. Hope you’re not frightened of the wild.

Hecate Head Lighthouse: On the cliffs
Yachats hotels

if staying the night in a tree-house was too high, try spending the evening in a lighthouse perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Hecate Head Lighthouse is over a hundred years old and considered by many to be one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world. Hecate is also the brightest lighthouse in Seattle, casting light 21 miles out to sea. The Queen Ann style keeper’s house has been renovated into a bed and breakfast where guests get to view the lighthouse at night, a rare opportunity. Also, a seven course breakfast is served in the morning, which is included with your room. Magical is the one word many guests use to describe the Hecate Head Lighthouse and bed and breakfast.

Beckham Creek Cave Haven: Eco-tourist Haven
Parthenon, Arkansas hotels

captivating ended four years to make, the Beckham Creek Cave Haven was created with the attitude that the on-going protection of our environment is supreme. Set on a 530-acre plantation in Buffalo National River country, this cave hotel offers solitude and sufficiently of outdoor entertainment amongst the Ozarks for eco-tourists. On the estate alone there is a crag and plenty of hiking, biking and fishing places.

Ice Hotel: Freeze your ice off

a cave of sorts, the Ice hotel is a cavern of ice carved from 10,000 tons of crystal clear ice cut from the Torne River. Every year the hotel must be built from scratch, with new designs and new concepts; it is continually being re-birthed. This luxury hotel includes an ice chapel, an ice art exhibition hall, a cinema and the world famous Absolut Ice Bar. If you can brave the freezing temperatures, the Ice Hotel is well-worth the trip.

The Gladstone Hotel: 37 artist designed rooms
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Each room is not designed out of ice, but designed by a different artist. Located in Toronto, the Gladstone Hotel is a unique, urban hotel with artist designed hotel rooms, as well as short-term art studios and exhibition spaces. The hotel offers a unique insight to the diverse artistic environment of Toronto. Make hotel reservations for the Teen Queen room and relive your Jr. High years or spend the night in the serene Sky gazer Room decorated with an amazing wall treatment of plastic relics in cloudlike forms.

The Bur-al-Arab: Sail away with luxury

Located in one of the fastest growing cities, this Dubai hotel is more than just a hotel; it is an experience. That is if you can afford to make the hotel reservations. Resembling a billowing sail, the Bur-al-Arab dominates the Dubai skyline at 321 meters. Recognized by approximately to be the best hotel in the world, this all-suite treat hotel delivers to the rich and proposals around-the-clock care from extremely skilled butlers, private welcome desks on each floor and a spa and health club. At night, the hotel is enclosed by created color statuaries of water and fire. The Bur-al-Arab is treat at its premium and most profligate.


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