Top 10 Things Hotel Staff Don’t Want You To Know
Top 10 Things Hotel Staff Don’t Want You To Know! A night in a hotel can be the ultimate luxury and make you feel like, just for one night, you live a millionaire’s lifestyle. However, when the reality of your budget kicks in and the star count begins to fall, you have to lower your expectations a little.
But, no matter how far you lowered them, most of these hotels would still manage to disappoint you.
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10. Hans Brinker Budget Hostel
9. Whiteleaf Hotel, London
8. World Hotel, New York
7. Boulevard Hotel, Miami
6. Cecil Hotel, LA
5. Scarisbrick Hotel, Southport
4. The Frying Pan Tower
3. Hongwei Yijia Chain Hotel Beijing
2. Center Hotel, Rio
1. S16 Munich


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