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Hotel Industry Statistics – They are very important to refer to.

A consistent review of all occupancy levels in hotels along major highways will give analysts a good idea on the number of passengers in the United States that chose to go on cruises vice staying in a resort hotel in a specific city.
The statistical information
the statistical information that is derived from reports, which indicate the trends being followed by tourists, will definitely have a great effect on how much money investors will spend on the hotel industry. With a clear view of the statistics used by hotel investors it will be easier for hotel planners to decide which development projects should be completed first.
The geographical statistics
they use the geographical statistics that include various sections of the country, and the information that is gathered by statisticians in several States will be used to determine what the market trend is for food costs at hotels. They can make their judgments and enter comments on various copies of hotel industry statistics that can later be reviewed by other statisticians that are tabulating statistics on hotel marketing.
The overview statistics for hotel
the overview statistics for hotel industry employment trends will allow hotel management college faculty to plan for projected shortfalls in hotel employment placement opportunities. When the hotel industry statistics show a drop in interest in a certain hotel chain, then investors can use the U.S. hotel industry statistics to gauge where their investment monies will receive the most benefit.
The statistics examined
the statistics examined for the lodging industry might provide information about the number of people who are traveling overseas and what type of international lodging appeals to the largest number of tourists. Overseas travelers can be eliminated from the overviews of statistics for foreign countries, because they have no substantial effect on the U.S. hotel industry statistics.
Statistical data related to the hotel industry
any other statistical data related to the hotel industry should be thoroughly reviewed and a concentrated effort should be made by all statisticians on creating realistic performance reports and other data that will improve the quality of tourism in America. The performance reports that are centered on travel by residents in the United States markets will help to determine whether there are enough hotel rooms to accommodate the trends that are shown on the reports.


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