Four Seasons Paris – Professional Bed Making and Cleaning Tips for more information on our Four Seasons Paris hotel.

Make your bed like a pro with the help of Constance Chapalain, the Assistant Housekeeper at Four Seasons Paris. Despite her verbal instructions being in French, Constance does an excellent job of walking you through the entire process of making a bed step by step.

From putting on a fitted sheet and duvet cover to correctly folding a comforter, Constance gives the best professional bed making tips to help your bed at home look just as perfect as they do in a Four Seasons suite.

Constance also provides us with some helpful housekeeping tips for the bathroom. She shows you the perfect way to get marks off of your bathtub, how to get mirrors fingerprint-free, and much more. Make your med and bathrooms look as luxurious as the suites at Four Seasons Paris today with the help of our lovely Constance!

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